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Whether you are just interested in knowing who signed for a shipment, or if you want to see the complete inventory as well as the hauling history of a specific shipment, our Tracking System is the answer 24 hours a day.

Our Tracking System provides you with real-time tracking capability for all of your shipments.


DOMESTIC tracking number  |  INTERNATIONAL tracking number

Who We Are

JEM Logistics Services Ltd, Inc. is a full service freight forwarder handling cargo worldwide.

JEM Logistics Services Ltd, Inc. is able to offer its clients logistic services with a high level of customer service at a competitive rate.

We are the total package!



JEM Logistics Services Ltd, Inc.
2207 E Carson St, Unit-C2
Carson, CA 90810

Tel.: 310.323.3022
Fax.: 310.323.3033

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About us

JEM Logistics Services Ltd., Inc. is rapidly growing to become a leading transportation provider in the international trade arena.

The freight forwarding industry is changing.

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