GAGUA computer network consultant team intervenes in network design and original setup, network audit and network upgrades, internet connectivity troubleshooting and setup, data center network architecture design, network co-existence, and network best practices management projects.
Objective reports from Ohloh about ARTAFILM development activity. ARTAFILM! has some star developers with serious kudos.
Client Navigator
A great side effect was that Local Search revealed data I forgot I even had on my hard drive. It was the same effect you feel when you come across old photo albums stashed away in a box.
Strategic IR
STRATEGIC IR is a one stop shop for micro, small and mid-cap firms throughout the world, who are interested in entering the German Stock Market. Our multinational staff with many years of experience in the world of finance, assures you a pleasant and professional service. We know that most of the difficulties companies face when going global are in fact local. We are committed to walking you through targeted solutions - step by step.
Stream Press
Stream Press is the global leader in news and information distribution services for professional communicators.
GAGUA Hosting
Everything you need to give your Web site the reliable, high-performance home it deserves! Create everything from your own personal single-purpose page up to a powerful e-commerce site that's ready to roll.
Web Frame Design
"Web Frame Design" services offered include custom and template based layouts for any company type and industry including Flash Web Design
HAMALIR ARMENIAN MUSIC CENTER - All the staff of Armenian Music Center
Caucasus Today
Кавказ сегодня (Caucasus Today) независимое информационное агентство.

Who We Are

JEM Logistics Services Ltd, Inc. is a full service freight forwarder handling cargo worldwide.

JEM Logistics Services Ltd, Inc. is able to offer its clients logistic services with a high level of customer service at a competitive rate.

We are the total package!



JEM Logistics Services Ltd, Inc.
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Carson, CA 90810

Tel.: 310.323.3022
Fax.: 310.323.3033

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About us

JEM Logistics Services Ltd., Inc. is rapidly growing to become a leading transportation provider in the international trade arena.

The freight forwarding industry is changing.

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